Essential Fireplace Tools and Accessories

When using the fireplace, certain tools and accessories are essential for maintenance and safety. Don’t find yourself in an inconvenient or dangerous situation by needing an important item and not having it nearby. Continue reading to learn about some essential tools for your fireplace.

A Poker is One of the Tools for Your Fireplace

You can use a poker to reposition or push burning wood around in the fireplace. Also known as a stoker, this tool has an insulated handle to protect you from getting burned while using it. A poker is essential because it allows you to handle the burning logs in the fireplace safely. Though pokers come in a standard length, look for one that’s longer to get the most distance from the fire and any stray embers that may fly up while you’re using it.

Fireplace Andirons with a Grate

Andirons are two upright metal beams that you place the wood on in the firebox to lift the logs up, allowing more air to reach the fire. Combining an andiron with a grate will help support smaller logs. Providing more airflow to the fire makes the fire burn cleaner and hotter.

An added benefit to using andirons is they will keep logs from rolling out of the fireplace accidentally. This makes them one of the essential tools for your fireplace.

Tools for Your Fireplace include Tongs, Shovels, and Fireplace Brooms

A shovel and tongs keep you safe when dealing with ash and wood in the fireplace. Shovels are helpful in handling ash and hot embers and tongs help you pick up and move logs. A fireplace broom is among the key fireplace essentials for clearing out the ash once the fire has been extinguished and the coals have completely cooled.

Fire Extinguisher

While using your fireplace, it’s critical to have a working fire extinguisher within reach. You only have seconds to act If a fire makes it outside of the controlled area of the fireplace. Regularly check the extinguisher to confirm that it has pressure, and make sure that every member of your family knows how to use it. A fire extinguisher will help to put a fire out before it spreads.

Having the right tools for your fireplace will make it safer and easier to use. There are many types of tools to choose from, but some are more important than others when it comes to protecting your home. With the above tools, you’ll be able to manage your fireplace safely.

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