As fall approaches, it’s time to prepare your home for colder weather. Tackling some fall home maintenance projects will protect your investment, and keep your family safe and comfortable at home. Continue reading for tips on how to get your home ready for the season.

Clean the Gutters

Fall is a perfect time to clean your gutters. They are probably full of leaves, twigs, and other debris from summer storms. It’s easy to handle this project on your own. Use a ladder to reach the gutters and scrape out the debris into a bucket. Use a water hose and spray the channels to rinse away dirt. Stay safe by placing your ladder on level ground and use gloves to remove the leaves. Clogged gutters don’t drain properly, which can cause damage to your home.

Winterizing Windows is Essential Fall Home Maintenance

Drafty windows can let in cold air, making your home chilly and increasing your heating costs. Inspect the window casing for old or damaged caulk and reapply if needed. Carefully move a lit candle around the edges of your windows as a way to see where drafts are entering your home. If you do find air coming through, use weather-stripping or caulk to seal the gaps. Apply insulator sheets to the windows to create a barrier that will prevent air from coming in.

Change the HVAC Filters

Starting out the season with fresh air filters will help your heating system work more efficiently and keep the heating bills down. Over time, the air filters become clogged with dirt and dust that passes through the ducts. This reduces the airflow from your HVAC unit, causing it to work harder. New filters also protect your family by improving air quality. They reduce the number of particles in the air that contribute to allergies and respiratory issues.

Fall Home Maintenance Includes Inspecting Your Roof

Your roof protects your home and your belongings. Any problems can become worse with winter weather, making your home vulnerable to damage if left unaddressed. Inspect your roof for loose, broken, or missing shingles. Also look for moss or algae, as that will need to be removed as soon as possible. If you feel unsafe climbing on the roof, call a licensed professional who will give you a full roof inspection and point out any issues.

Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Making sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order is an important step for fall home maintenance. Fireplaces, stoves, and furnaces, may cause fires or emit dangerous gases. Locate all the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home and replace the batteries. Test each of the devices to make sure the alarm will sound.

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