If you’ve recently moved into a newly-built home, you hope the property is free from problems for years to come. Unfortunately, new homes often show defects within the first year. Take advantage of an 11th-month warranty inspection before the first year comes to a close.

An 11th-Month Warranty Inspection Will Reveal Problems

It’s easy to assume that everything is fine because the home was inspected before move-in. Defects can reveal themselves in the first few months of living in a new home. For example, temperature changes during your first winter might cause house materials to expand and contract. If you experience problems from this expansion or contraction, for example, difficulty opening and closing doors, have the builder repair it.

File a Warranty Claim

Having the builder cover repairs is probably the biggest reason to order the 11th-month inspection. All repairs and their costs become your responsibility once the warranty period is over. This could potentially cost you thousands of dollars that would have been saved if you had used the inspection to file a warranty claim.

Supervising All Aspects of the Build is Difficult

Your builder most likely subcontracted work to other contractors when your home was being built. This is normal practice in the construction industry, but it does make it difficult for your builder to supervise every aspect of the project. An oversight or a shortcut can lead to problems later.

The 11th-Month Warranty Inspection Offers Protection for When You Sell

You may not be thinking about the day you will sell your home. After all, you have just moved in. However, when you choose to sell, your potential buyer will have the home inspected. If that inspection reveals issues, even issues dating back to the original construction, you may have to pay for repairs.

Your buyer might demand that you fix those problems or you might be forced to sell the home for a lower price than you hoped.

Order an 11th-month warranty inspection to verify that your home is in great condition. If defects are found, you’ll still have time to file a warranty claim and have repairs made.

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